CNA Certification California

There are two stages that must be completed by an individual to earn CNA Certification California including:

CNA Certification Program

The process for earning a Certification starts with a CNA program that comprises of theoretical classroom instructions and clinical hands-on experience. The program is especially designed to provide you nurse aide related knowledge and skills. These qualities are also vital for safe and quality cares. Even, federal OBRA-87 legislation mandates each state must maintain and approve training programs and meet the education standard as demanded by OBRA.

In the state of California, the CA Department of Public Health’s Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS) bear the responsibility and oversee the implementation of OBRA clauses in the certification program.

The program is 150 hours long, divided between classroom/lab training and clinical portion.

Once, you successfully complete, CNA Certification Program, you become eligible to sit in the CA CNA Exam.

CA CNA Certification test

CNA Test is a toll with the state of CA to evaluate your nursing knowledge and skills and to find out how much nursing acumen is possessed by you to serve patients in a variety of health care settings.

The test has two independent features including Written/Oral Test and Skill test and you will have to pass the both test components to earn the certification.

Written/Oral Test – features multiple choice test questions, where each question have four given answers and you will have to select the correct answer to score. The classroom learning is the base for your written exam.

Skill Test – the completion of the Written Test allows you to appear in the skill test that features 5 randomly selected skills. The test examiner will ask you to perform these skills on a live model or a client. You will score on the basis of your each skill performance.

If you earn the passing scores in the both tests, you will be awarded CNA Certification California and certified. You will also be registered with the CA Nurse Aide Registry. The possession of CNA credential will also allow you to practice in a variety of health care settings.

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