Certified Nursing Assistant Duties

CNA basically stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. Before one becomes a CNA, it is important to understand the kind of responsibilities, one would have to face when they become a Certified Nursing Assistant. A CNA is, after all, the eyes and ears of medical, because their jobs start exactly where the jobs of doctors and nurses end. Nursing Assistants are the ones who are in continuous contact with the patients. So, one of their primary jobs is to keep the condition of their patients logged – that is record-keeping. They have to be alert to even the slightest changes in the condition of their patients, and respond to the change.

In case the change is something that the Nursing Assistant is not qualified for, a doctor or a nurse needs to be summoned immediately, so that they could do what is needed. In a sense, the CNAs are more responsible for the patients than either the doctors or the nurses, as their duties require them to be around the patients more than either a nurse or a doctor. Their other jobs could be broadly broken down into six categories that basically include all the basic activities that we can think of. Primarily they need to be sure the patient is comfortable. In case the patient feels cold, they need to get him a blanket. If he then feels hot, the blanket needs to be removed. They even answer to slightest whims and requests of the patients. They may have to move the bed, or even having to read to them.

CNAs are also required to be physically strong enough to help a patient go about in a wheelchair or on his feet, in case the patient does not possess the ability to do so by himself. Other duties include feeding, toileting, taking care of the hygiene of the patients. Nursing Assistants have many skills and being easy to talk to is one of them as well.

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