Central School of Practical Nursing

Central School of Practical Nursing was established in 1937 as the first and oldest independent licensed practical nursing program in the state of Ohio. The school is located in Midtown, Cleveland, Ohio. The program offered by the school is also one of its kinds nationally.


The school has clinical affiliation with majority of health care facilities around the area, such as Brighton Gardens, Metro Health Systems, St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Fairview Hospital, Concordia Care and others, where the graduating students can also avail immediate employment opportunities.

The school consists of 2 classrooms, a simulated patient care laboratory, a library and student lounge. The students from Cleveland and surrounding areas enroll to attend Practical Nursing Program. The new session of the school starts every 6 months and programs can be completed within a year. The program classes are offered 4 days a week. Once the program is completed and the student clears the NCPLEX-PN exam, he/she is also awarded IV therapy certification.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Central School of Practical Nursing is to enhance the health care workforce of Cleveland by educating the diverse group of adult individuals from Cleveland and surrounding areas.


Licensed practical nursing program of the school can be completed within a year or in 46 weeks. The program comprises of 4 levels, divided into first level of 11 weeks, second level 12 weeks, third level 11 weeks and 4th level consisting of 12 weeks. The student is required to complete two (2) days of classroom instruction, and two (2) days of clinical experience per week on an average for each level.


The approval to the CSPN is offered by the Ohio Board of Nursing for 5 years and accreditation is granted by the ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools).

Admission Requirements

Admission Prerequisites include minimum 18 years age, a high school diploma or a GED with a score of 500 or higher and passing of Entrance exam.

Financial Aid

CSPN offers various types of financial aids and scholarships to the qualifying students, including Pell Grants, All Cuyahoga County residents who apply will qualify for a minimum scholarship of $500, Stafford (student) loans


Central School of Practical Nursing

4600 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland OH 44103 (located in midtown)

Phone 216-391-8434

Fax 216-391-2610