Board of Nursing West Virginia

Board of Nursing West Virginia also known as Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses is located at Charleston, WV. The Board is state regulated agency established by WV Virginia Legislature to safeguard life, health, safety, and public welfare of West Virginia citizens by regulating the practice of registered professional nurses and dialysis technicians in the state.

Board Features

As per Code of Legislative Rules of the WV Code Chapter, Board of Nursing West Virginia constitutes of five members, representing professional nursing and public, subject to the approval of the senate. The Board members are appointed by the Governor for a term of five years and for any vacant position, a member is appointed for an unexpired term. The governor may remove or disqualify any Board Member for incompetence, unprofessional behavior, dereliction of duties or any action that may construed against the Board rules.

The Board meets once a year and, a president and a secretary is selected from among the Board members. A majority and an officer form the quorum of the Board for transacting its business.

Code of Legislative Rules Registered Professional Requirement

The Board regulates the provisions of West Virginia Code Chapter 30, Article –7 Professional and Occupation and mandates that any individual practicing or offering to practice registered professional nursing for compensation must be well qualified and competent to practice, and required to submit evidence of license or any sign, title and others as a proof of competency. The Board will also award license to these professionals, who submit the evidence of their competency.

Further, the provisions of WV Code Chapter also deem it unlawful after June 13th, 1965, if any unlicensed individual practice or offer to practice professional nursing, or use any title, sign, card or device indicating that the individual is a registered professional nurse.

Board Services

Services offered by the Board include Licensure, Applications, Forms and relevant information including:

  • Treatment Program for Impaired Nurse
  • Reinstatement, Endorsement and Licensure Application
  • Application for Examination
  • Application for Advanced Practice, Midwife and Prescriptive Authority.
  • Publications
  • Newsletters
  • Examination Application
  • Endorsement Application
  • CE providers Registration
  • Receive and Review Disciplinary Actions
  • Volunteer License
  • Application for Lost License
  • Name and Address Change
  • Address Change
  • Fees schedule

Additional Services of the Board:

  • Monitor, Accredit and set standards for educational programs
  • Approve or disapprove educational programs
  • Examine license and renew the licenses
  • Temporary Permit
  • Conduct Disciplinary action hearings
  • Maintain Board proceeding Record
  • Submit a biennial report to the governor


WV Board of Nursing
West Virginia Board of Examiners
for Registered Professional Nurses
101 Dee Drive, Suite 102
Charleston, WV 25311-1620
Phone: (304) 558-3596 or 1-877-743-NURS(6877)
Fax: (304) 558-3666

Web Address:

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