Board of Nursing Virginia

Board of Nursing Virginia is a state regulatory agency, located at Richmond, VA and is a part of Virginia Department of Health Professions. The Code of Virginia has established the Nursing Board to regulate the practice of nursing professionals and nursing education in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Mission of VA Board of Nursing is to safeguard the life, safety, health and welfare of Virginia citizens by regulating nurse practice, setting practice standards and to offer required information to health care practitioners and the public.

Board Members
Board of Nursing Virginia comprises of 13 Board members representing nursing profession and public. Out of 13 appointed members, 10 members comprise nurses including Seven Registered Nurses, where one must be a Licensed Nurse Practitioner and Three Licensed Practical Nurses. The rest of the three members represent public.

The Board members are appointed by the Governor for a term of term of four years and Board officials consisting of president, vice-president and a secretary are elected each January from among the members.
The quorum of the meeting to conduct any meeting or to appoint board officials can be formed by one officer and majority of Board members. Registered Nurse constitutes administrative officer of the Board and entrusted with to call special meeting on written request from two of its members.
Board Member requirements

  • A US citizen.
  • A resident of the VA Commonwealth.
  • Graduated from Board approved nursing educational program.
  • Licensed in the Commonwealth as a registered nurse
  • Possesses minimum 5 years experience in nursing, nursing administration or teaching in a nursing education program
  • 3 years professional practice experience proceeding immediately to appointment or reappointment.
  • LPN must hold High school diploma or GED along with required qualifications.

Nurses Association or Nurses professional organizations can recommend three names to the Governor for the nurses vacancy appointment after receiving the notification from the governor for professional vacancies, except expiration vacancy and, it is up to the Governor to appoint recommended nominee or not.
Board Regulated Nursing Professionals

  • Advanced Certified Nurse Aide
  • CNA
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • CNS
  • LNP
  • LPN
  • RMA (Assisted Living Facilities)
  • RN

VA Board of Nursing Services:

  • Board Home, Board Members, Meetings & Minutes
  • Forms & Applications
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Education Programs
  • Renew Online
  • License Status Lookup
  • Case Decisions
  • Guidance Documents
  • Reports
  • FAQ
  • Newsletters
  • File a Complaint
  • Administrative Proceedings Division
  • Staff Listing

Nurse Practitioner Status

The regulations governing the licensure of nurse practitioners are jointly prescribed by The Board of Medicine and the Board of Nursing and it will be termed unlawful, if any individual practice as a nurse practitioner in this Commonwealth without a valid joint license.


Board of Nursing,
6603 West Broad Street
5th Floor
Richmond, VA 23230-1712
Phone: (804)662-9909
FAX: (804) 662-9512


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