Board of Nursing Vermont

Board of Nursing Vermont is a state regulated agency located at Montpelier, VT. The Board is created by the Legislature to regulate and enforce regulations and statues of the Nurse Practice Act to safeguard the life, health and welfare of the Vermont citizen from the individuals who practice or offer to practice, registered or practical nurses not currently licensed under the chapter of the Practice Act.
Board Members
VT Board of Nursing comprises of 10 board members from nursing profession and public members. Out of the 10 members, five members include registered nurses, of whom one is endorsed as an advanced practice registered nurse and other members consist of two practical nurses, one nursing assistant, and two members represent public.
The Board members are appointed by the Governor and any vacancy in the Board is filled by the Governor by appointing the member for the unexpired term. The appointment of Registered Nurses and LPNs are carried on by such fashion that the nurse members represent various types of nursing education programs and nursing services.
The appointed members must be a citizen of United States and a resident of the VT state.
Board’s Duties and Responsibilities
The Board has been vested with following power and responsibilities by the law and Nurse Practice Act chapter and includes:

  • Hold meetings to transact board business and to elect board officials.
  • Five members are required to form a meeting quorum and keep the record of meeting proceedings as a public record.
  • Set standards for registration, practice and licensure, the endorsement of advanced practice registered nurses and nurses that require continuing education and experience for special areas.
  • Licensure register and renewal and oversee the meeting of license requirement and standards for qualification.
  • Set and approve education programs standards.
  • Investigate complaints and charges against the licensee for unprofessional behavior, unauthorized or fraudulent practice or incompetency, and take necessary action as deemed necessary.
  • Issue subpoenas to witnesses for complaint hearings and attendance.
  • Establish referral programs or alternate process for nurses and nursing assistants with chemical dependencies or other professional practice issues as designated by the board.

In addition, the Board also provide services for Laws, Board Information, License Information and Forms, Professional Information, Education, Links and Information for Disciplined Licensees.

Board Committees

The Board has also set up various committees for advices, suggestions and recommendations to effect the change in regulations in nursing practice, education and profession and they include:

1. Practice Committee
2. Education Committee
3. APRN Advisory Committee

Contact Information:

Vermont State Board of Nursing
Office of the Secretary of State,
Office of Professional Regulation,
National Life Building,
National Life Drive, North FL2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3402
Phone: (802) 828-2396

FAX: (802) 828-2484

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