Board of Nursing Texas

Board of Nursing Texas is a state regulated agency located in Austin, Texas and created by the Texas Occupations Code (TOC) and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) for regulating and enforcing the regulations related to nursing education, licensure and Practice.

Board Mission

The Mission of the Board is to safeguard and promote the life, safety, welfare and public health of Texas citizen by ensuring that nursing professionals holding a license to practice in Texas State must be qualified and competent to practice. The Board aims to achieve its mission by regulating the provisions of Nurse Practice Act, nursing practice and by providing approval to education programs that prepare nurses for licensing and certification.

Board Members

Board of Nursing Texas comprises of 13 members representing nursing profession, nursing education and public. The Board members are appointed by the governor with the consent of senate. Out of the 13 members, 6 members represent nurse members including one advance practice nurse, 2 registered nurses and 3 vocational nurses, 3 nurse faculty members of nursing schools and 4 members represent public.

The Board members are appointed irrespective of their race, color, disability, sex, religion, age, or national origin.

Texas Occupations Code (TOC) and Nurse Practice Act

Chapter 301 of TOC includes the Nurse Practice Act that creates TX Board of Nursing and defines the duties and responsibilities of BON to regulate nursing education, licensure and practice in the state of Teaxs.

Further, The chapter of 301, 303, 304 and 305 of the Texas Occupations Code (TOC) also define the Practice of nursing professionals and provide Board authority to  implement and administer the interpretation of Texas Occupations Code by making rules and it is essential for the Licensee to follow the Board Rules and provisions of TOC.

The Board and TOC also requires that any individual aiming to practice in the state must earn a License to practice and said license must be renewed every two years for eligibility to practice continuously in the state. The licensed nurses are also permitted to use the title “RN” or “LVN” and they must identify themselves by using a name tag showing them as RN or LVN, when they practice for offering patient care. The practicing nurses must also be fully aware of the TOC chapters and Board rules concerning their practice.

Additional Board Services

  • Licensure – by examination, endorsement, status verification service, Endorsement and Reinstatement and Renewal of license.
  • Applications, Forms and Information
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Practice
  • Accreditation Services:
  • Nursing Law and Rules
  • Examination Application
  • Fees Schedule
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Others

Contact Texas Board of Nursing at:
Texas Board of Nursing
William P. Hobby Building
333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460
Austin, Texas 78701-3944

Telephone Number: 512/305-7400
Toll-free Complaint Line: 1-800-821-3205
Fax Number: 512/305-7401
Web site:

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