Board of Nursing Tennessee

Board of Nursing Tennessee is part of the Tennessee Govt. Department of Health and a state regulated agency. The Board is located in Nashville, TN and was created by the State Legislature act of 1911.
The basic mission of the TN Board of Nursing is to protect the safety, health and welfare of the TN citizen by regulating nursing licensing and education and by overseeing that licensed nursing professionals are competent and qualified to practice.
Composition of the Board
The Board comprises of eleven members representing nursing profession and consumer. Of the 11 board members, five members represent Registered Nurses, three LPNs, two advanced practice nurses and one member represent consumers. The members are appointed for a four years term, or any successor is appointed for the vacant position for the unexpired term. Each Board member is appointed from the list of nominees provided by the respective member association or organization.
The meetings of the Board are open to public and Board meetings are scheduled six times a year. It is also necessary that a quorum of six board members is required to organize and conduct the business of the Board.
The Board is also responsible for any complaints received against any Licensee practice misconduct, incompetence, or unprofessional behavior, negligence and violation of State Legislature act and rules. The Board is authorized by the act to review, investigate and conduct hearings, and on the basis of findings, appropriate disciplinary actions are initiated against the licensee, found guilty. As a disciplinary action civil penalties may be imposed on the guilty licensee.

Board Functions
The Duties and Responsibilities of the Board are concentrated around three functions including, Licensure, Education and Practice.
Licensure – The Board is authorized to grant licenses to LPN, RN and Certification to Advance Practice Nurses.
Education – The Board sets up the minimum standard and curriculum for all nursing programs and mandates that the graduates of the Board approved nursing schools are eligible to appear for the NCLEX exams for licensure.
Practice – The Board has implemented standards of Practice and for any violation of these standard, law and rules, the Board conduct investigation and finding guilty may result in disciplining of the license through imposing of civil penalties on the guilty licensee.
The nurses with physical, mental, emotional and/or chemical dependency issues are provided assistance by the Board in collaboration with the Tennessee Nurses Foundation and these nurses are rehabilitated through the referral program and licensure and renewal fees.
Licensure Services of the Board

  • The administrative staff of the Division of Health Related Boards assists the Board of Nursing for the issue of Licenses to these individuals who meets the Licensing requirements as stipulated by the law and rules, which includes licensing by exam or by endorsement.
  • The Board also offers services for License Renewal, which can be completed through the online service of the Board at
  • Issue an advanced practice nurse (APN) certificate, including nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives and clinical nurse specialists.
  • Set qualification standard for APN

Contact the Board of Nursing

To contact this board, call (615) 532-5166 local or 1-800-778-4123 nationwide
or write
Tennessee Board of Nursing
227 French Landing, Suite 300
Nashville, TN  37243