Board of Nursing South Dakota

Board of Nursing South Dakota is a state regulated agency; located at Sioux Falls SD. The board was established by South Dakota Legislature, South Dakota Codified Laws Chapter to safeguard the life, health and public welfare from the practice of unauthorized, unqualified, and improper application of nursing education programs and nursing practices. The Board also follows the same mission of safeguarding public health and welfare from the incompetent nursing practicing professionals.

The South Dakota Codified Laws Chapter has also authorized the Board to regulate and enforce Codified Law Chapter’s provisions related to public health, set standard for practice for LPN, RN, Advance Practicing Nurses and CNAs, implement minimum standard for nursing education that prepares practicing nursing professionals, licensing and competency evaluation standard.

Board Composition

As per SDCL Chapter 36-9-5 – The Board of Nursing South Dakota comprises of eleven board members representing nursing profession and public members. Out of the 11 Board members, six members represent Registered Nurses, out of which two registered nurses must be from nursing service or practice and two from nursing education. Rest of the Board members include, three licensed practical nurses and two members represent public.

Appointment of Board Members

The Board members are appointed by the Governor for a term of 3 years, which expires on July 1st. The appointed member continues to serve till successor for the vacant position is found. The members can be appointed for not more than three consecutive terms and member appointed for the unexpired vacant position is not termed as serving full term.

Board Member Appointment Prerequisites

The prerequisite to become a board member is a citizen of United States, a resident of SD State for two years and an oath of office must be filed with the secretary of state prior to start of the term of the office.

Function of the Board

The Board regulates the provisions of the SDCL chapters pertaining to

  • Licensures
  • Nursing Practice and the scope of nursing practice
  • Nursing functions allocation to assistive personnel under the supervision of a licensed nurse and setting the training and supervisory requirement of theseassistive personnel.
  • Disciplinary Reviews, investigation and measures.
  • Certification Nurse anesthetists
  • Fees schedules
  • Approval of nursing education Programs
  • Clinical enrichment programs approvals

SD Board of Nursing also provide below given services:

  • Online Licensure Renewal CNA – LPN – RN
  • License Verifications Email/online
  • Board Advisory Opinions / Position Statements / Resolutions
  • Health Professionals Assistance Program (HPAP)
  • Nurse Licensure Compact
  • Alerts
  • Licensure – RN & LPN Licensure Procedures & online Verification, APN Licensure Procedures, CNA Registration
  • Complaints and Disciplinary Actions
  • Board Members, Board Calendar, Board Meetings and Minutes
  • Staff Directory
  • F.A.Q
  • Additional Services

Contact Details:

South Dakota Board of Nursing
4305, South Louise Ave, Suite 201
Sioux Falls SD 57106-3115
Ph: (605) 362-2760
Fax (605) 362-2768


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