Board of Nursing Colorado

Board of Nursing Colorado also known as DORA Board of Nursing is located in Denver, CO and established in the division of registrations in the department of regulatory agencies.

Composition of the Board

The Board constitutes 11 resident members of the state. All members are appointed by the governor. The member distribution of the Board includes two state licensed practicing licensed practical nurses, seven state licensed professional nurses employed in nursing profession for at least 3 years and two members come from fields other than health care.

Terms of the Board Members

The term duration of each member is 3 years, except members, who are appointed for a first or second term on or after July 1, 2009 and such member’s term of will be for 4 years. The governor can remove the members for actions, conducts and behaviors that are not conducive to nursing or dereliction of board duties.


Board Advisory Committee

DORA Board of Nursing has been authorized to set up advisory committees including professional review committees. These committees assist the board in carrying out its duties. Each committee must appoint three licensees having expertise in the area for the committee was formed.

Board Goal

The Board has basic goal of consumer protection and it strive hard to achieve consumer safety, health and welfare of consumers through promulgation of standards of practice and regulations as mandated by law and Nurse Practice Act.

In addition it is also the responsibility of the Board to approve or disapprove, monitor and regulate education programs that are offered throughout the Colorado state.
Disciplinary Actions

Board of Nursing Colorado or DORA is also very specific of about the practice and behavior of licensee and CNAs, and any complaints in violation of the law and Nurse Practice Act, practice and behavior meets with stern disciplinary actions after investigation.

Board Services

The services offered by the Board includes, information on licensing requirements, Application for licensure, ways for reinstate a lapsed or expired license, License Renewal, Statutes, Rules and Policies, current licensure fees, FAQ, Education Programs, Registration Online Services for address changes, license verification, Request for Licensee Database  and various other forms, information and services.
The services offered by DORA can be obtained by Certified Nurse Aide, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Psychiatric Technician, Advanced Practice Nurse and others.

The contact details of Board of Nursing Colorado:

Colorado Board of Nursing/ DORA Board of Nursing
Roberta Hills, Nursing Education Specialist
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
Denver, CO 80202

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