Alternatives of Kansas Nursing Edification Curriculum

In the state of Kansas, several nursing colleges and academies grant wide series of medical and health care training schedules to the aspiring nursing scholars, desiring to step into the nursing and medical care administration. Numerous communal colleges and academies providing several nursing courses, also a comprehensive health care schedule is offered by the University of Kansas in Kansas City.

As a nurse aide trainee, you are required to exploit a minimum of 90 hours of training, segmented into 45 hours of theoretical based classroom learning and remaining 45 hours of hands on and practical training. Also, there is an alternative of an online nursing assistant course work, if it fulfills specific necessities.

Certification requirements

To legally operate as a nurse aide, and also to be listed on the state board of nurse aide registry, a nurse aide after completing the training program has is obligated to pass the state featured certification examination. After successfully, passing the test you would be qualified to work as a professional nurse assistant in various nursing and health care centers including, hospices, nursing homes, enduring health care centers and several others.

Accredited Nursing Schools in Kansas

  1. University of Phoenix Nursing Schools – Campus and Online
  2. University of Phoenix Nursing Schools – Campus and Online
  3. Baker University School of Nursing
  4. Bethel College School of Nursing
  5. Emporia State University School of Nursing
  6. Fort Hays State University School of Nursing
  7. Mid America Nazarene University School of Nursing