Four week CNA classes

Those who want to get certified as a nurse aide can take the help of 4 week CNA training classes to learn the CNA skills before taking up the CNA certification exam. These courses last for about 4 weeks and are intensive. There is less time for study during the 4 week course but some people find intensive courses to be quite rewarding for them.

The CNAs perform a variety of duties to provide care to the patients. The must attend the basic needs of the patients that helps them to deal with important areas of healthcare. The students across the United States of America take up the 4 weeks of courses to learn a lot in short time period.

There are few pre requirements that the students have to complete before enrolling for the four week CNA Training

  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • A proof that the student is eighteen years and above.
  • Clearing the criminal background check is also necessary.

To work as professional in the medical field, one needs to complete the CNA training offered by numerous vocational schools and colleges. During the training program, the lecturers make sure, that their students grasp each and every piece of information and knowledge provided to them. The nursing candidates are trained in the following skills:

  • Basic nursing and clinical skills.
  • Medical vocabulary and terminology.
  • Nutrition and infection control.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Restorative skills.
  • Human anatomy.
  • Checking the vital signs of the patients, such as temperature, pulse, blood pressure, urinal output and breathing.

After completing the detailed Nursing Assistant training, the nursing students are up for the evaluation tests. It is essential for them to clear both, written and practical exams to receive the CNA certification.

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